KAGE, Inc. / Offering various styles of sharpening to professional hairdressers including Dry Cut, Wet Cut, and Chop Cut.
After the scissors have been carefully sharpened, the quality of the scissors improves significantly, to the point where the scissors look and feel like a brand new products. Unlike the machine operated sharpeners, our hands on sharpen style providing users with exactly what they need, creating unique pair of scissors suitable for them. Sharpener Mr. Sato also highly takes pride in his completion of the HIKARI Scissor Convex. *
We will take care of scissors made by all brands. If the job consists of shortening the blade,
the blade will be carefully observed for balance and will be shorten to perfection. Mr. Sato will be able to repair any type of requests including chipped blades and return it to you with complete satisfaction.*
  *There might be some scissors can not perfectly sharpened as you requested.
  Cost of sharpening a pair of scissors - $30

Scissor delivery charge from customer to KAGE Inc.
must be paid by customers expense.

Scissor delivery charge from KAGE Inc. to customer
must be paid by customers expense (Prices may vary according to location).

Scissor delivery option - FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.

Scissor packing material included.

* Mr. Sato, who has work studio in Tokyo, Japan, visits the U.S. 7-10 days per month.
There is a possibility that the order may take an estimated 30 days. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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