KAGE, Inc. / The master of sharpening, Toshio Sato provides high quality scissors demanded by professional hairdressers.
KAGE, Inc. was established by master of sharpener, Mr. Toshio Sato to meet the requests demanded by hairdressers.

Through each order, the scissors will be sharpened according to the user's preference. Slide type scissors, dry cut type scissors and chop cut type scissors have the ability to slide at the base of the blade. Scissors can be sharpened according to the users desire.


In 1992, KAGE Inc. was established in Tokyo represented by Mr. Toshio Sato. Originally, our company specialized in scissor sharpening; however since 1999 we have been manufacturing and selling scissors in order to satisfy the hairdresser's requests. In order to meet the user's expectations, we give our best effort to offer high quality scissors. Furthermore, each order is taken into great consideration and we make all desired sharpening possible.

Professional Sharpener Toshio Sato is capable of concisely sharpening
the blades down to the millimeters.

Mr. Sato's advanced sharpening abilities make him capable of carefully
balancing and adjusting each blade, presenting scissors to perfection.
The scissors made by Mr. Sato is very practical and maintains
balance while keeping the loss of the blade to the very minimum.

Mr. Sato is the exclusive sharpener for PEEK-A-BOO's Mr. Fumio
Kawashima. He is also in charge of the entire staff of
PEEK-A-BOO (the famous beauty salon in Tokyo, Japan).
Furthermore, he sharpen blades for several well
known beauty salons and he is currently
designing scissors for professionals.

KAGE, Inc.

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