KAGE, Inc. / KAGE takes care of your valuable scissors such as chipped blades, dull blades and other concerns.

The blade will last 20-30% longer than when it was first purchased. It may vary from case to case. Approximately, the blade will be effective to 500 -1000 customers in one year. Furthermore, varying on the customers, it may last between six months to three years. Depending on the manufacture of scissors the period that the blade will be most effective will vary, however unlike other sharpening companies, Mr. Sato will be able to maximize the period of effectiveness of the blade. *


It is very important to understand how to properly use the scissors according to its type. It differs depending on dry / wet types, stroke cuts, chop cuts as well as thin versus thick slice types. If you purchase the Scissors, KAGE Series, the blade will be sharpened in the most suitable way the user desires at the time of order. We will correspond to various styles suggested by the users. Please make sure to inform us your desired style at the time the order is made.


The quality of the scissors after it has been sharpened will feel like a brand new product or even better.* It is high quality hand sharpening technique that will reconstruct the scissor. Thus completely different from a machine operated sharpener and designs scissors that are as effective as brand new ones.


Our main focus is to produce sharper scissors than brand new ones. We concisely sharpen the blade down to the millimeter. The blade is carefully balanced and adjusted producing scissors to perfection. The scissors are made in a very practical manner and maintain balance while keeping the loss of the blade to the very minimum. *


Yes, we will take care of scissors made by all brands. KAGE's exclusive master of sharpener, Mr. Sato also highly takes pride in his completion of the HIKARI Scissor Convex . *


Yes, the sharpener Mr. Sato will observe the balance of the blade and carefully shorten its size.


Mr. Sato's highly skilled & experienced hand sharpening techniques will completely repair the scissors back to its original form. *

  *There might be some scissors can not perfectly sharpened as you requested.
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